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We offer for take-away only local wines such as those from Château de Valmy , from Domaine Deprade-Jorda , from Maison Albera or even beers from Brasserie La Canya .

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Here are our wines available at reception:

Bière La Canya: 

Bière Bio Blonde 33cl 4,50

Bière Bio Blanche 33cl 4,50

Bière Bio Ambrée 33cl 4,50

Cap d'Ona:

Grand Gin Bio Fleurs de Cerisier 25€

Domaine Deprade-Jorda:


Prémice Blanc 9

Prémice Rosé 9

Prémice Rouge 9

Insolent 10

Tradition rouge 12

Tradition blanc 12

Tradition rosé 12

Nébuleux 8€

L'Absolu 9€

Quintessence Blanc 15€

Quintessence Rouge 15€

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