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We offer for sale takeaway only, local wines from domain Domaine Deprade-Jorda and beers from the La Canya Brewery.

Here are our wines available at reception:

La Canya beer: 

Blonde Organic Beer 33cl4.50

Organic White Beer 33cl4.50

Organic Amber Beer 33cl4.50


Orange juice 25cl2€

Pineapple juice 25cl2€

Apricot juice 25cl2€

Mango juice 25cl2€

Still water 1€

Sparkling water 1€

Domain Deprade-Jorda:


Firstfruit White9

Firstfruit Rosé9

Firstfruit Red 9


red tradition12

traditional white12

Tradition rosé12

Quintessence White15€

Quintessence Red15€

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